Bipolar Disorder - Intense excitement and extreme depression

This disorder means alternate periods of excitement and depression. Minor excitement in the office or working places looks energetic and good. This person may suffer depression in the home. When this symptom is minimal, nobody pay attention how this may develop to serious problem. When this bipolar develops to intense excitement (mania) and extreme depression, the person may lose the job and destroy family and friends' relationship, and marriage and lead to suicide.
Many use drugs which are generally expensive and have lots of side effects. When person has a sensation of mood swing, person tries to increase dosages. The response time sometimes take a few weeks to be effective. In the meantime, patients become very anxious and acts dysfunctional.

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), we notice two significant functions which are intense excitement and extreme depression. These two functions are generally shown at pulse. One side pulse is strong and the other side is weak. If the pulse is too strong, we try to sedate strong function and make it to normal level. If the pulse is too weak, we try to tonify and bring up to the normal level. This simple idea works very well. Strong pulse means excessive yang and weak pulse means deficient yin. We try to make these two forces balance each other.

This theory is based on relations of 5 zang (liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney) and 6 fu (gallbladder, small intestine, stomach, large intestine, urinary bladder and triple jiao) organs. It is an art to find which is excessive and deficient. According to TCM, the mind belongs to heart. Western science believes in brain. When anyone asks where the mind locates in the body, we point our chest where the heart locates. This is a interesting point medical fields miss. Sleeping disorder such as less sleep also relates with heart. We can say that maniac act comes from heart and brain. We treat heart with acupuncture points related with heart. We select acupuncture points leading and entering to brain. Depression comes from kidney. Depression usually leads to anger, and we also treat liver. According to my experience depression is relatively responded faster than mania. There are a lot more to discuss, however this theory is very complicated to understand to ordinary person.

The effect of acupuncture is very fast and don't have to wait for weeks like medicines. Patients feel immediate response. Some may feel during treatments or next day. Most patients who take acupuncture treatments don't increase any dosages. Some report they feel better than before without increasing dosages. We also advise patients to take medicines while acupuncture treatments. Please note that acupuncture doesn't interfere with any medicines. Some patients ask me to lower dosages or stop taking medicines. My advice is that before deciding; consult with their physician who prescribes medicines.

It is ideal to treat this disorder during depression period. This person may refuse any treatment during mania as a patient believes that he/she is the best in the world and nobody can be better than them. In some severe case of mania, we need family help and their consent. The family can arrange that MD gives an injection of sleeping and acupuncture treatment can be given during sleeping.

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