Should I see an endocrinologist?

I am a 40 year old male who developed chronic asthma two years ago during a house renovation. It may or may not be related to this, buy I have been on corticosteroids for about 1.5 years to treat my asthma. During that time, I've started feeling depressed, irritable, and noticed a significant drop in my libido. My last blood test we checked my testosterone and it came back as "Low" for my age. I am in very good health otherwise--gym, diet, etc.

I mentioned my "issues" to my GP who says, "We can give you Lexapro for your depression, and if you have sexual side effects we'll give you Viagra!" I'm like, when do the drugs stop!!! I am trying to taper of the corticosteroids (First Advair, now Pulmicort) to see if that will help me. I don't know if these drugs have messed with my adrenals etc. and if that has had any effect on my testosterone production and if seeing an endocrinologist could shed any light on to this. I'm feeling a little wary of my GP and her zealousness to prescribe drugs for everything. Any thoughts? Thanks.


Asthma is related with lung.  Libido is related with kidney.

I suggest trying deep breathing to find which organ involved. Do you have a difficulty of breathing in or breathing out? This information will tell which organ involved. There could be more issues to be discussed. You can email me.

You can treat asthma without steroid, but by natural way. If you suffer asthma for 1.5 years, I believe a few acupuncture treatments would make you breathe better without steroid at all. There is no better way to treat chronic symptoms than acupuncture. If there is phlegm, acupuncture will remove phlegm. If there is any obstruction in bronchial tube such as stagnation, acupuncture will remove obstruction.

Whenever anyone takes steroid, kidney is damaged and bone is softened as a side effect. Your libido may be your age or kidney damage. Kidney is an organ recovering slowly according to my experience. However it may be not difficult to get back your libido as you are not that old.

If you want to get rid of all drugs, acupuncture could be a best alternative.

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Should I see an endocrinologist?
I am a 40 year old male who developed chronic asthma two years ago during a house renovation. It may…