Red Eyes

I'm in very good health, and take care of myself. I sleep 9 hours a day and workout 5 days a week. The problem is that my eyes always look red, or tired, even when I'm not. I do wear contacts, but keep them very clean. I smoke pot sometimes, but not often. I also drink sometimes. My heritage is Irish white skin, with blue eyes. Any thoughts on how to have my eyes look brighter, and less red would be appreciated.



Contact lenses are convenient and look nice. Nobody knows whether contact lenses are wear on unless we tell others. There could be side effects. I am not talking about cleaning lenses everyday or not.

This is my opinion. Heat in the body has a tendency to rise to head during day while we sit or stand. While heat rises up, it disperses through face and forehead and top of head and mouth and nose.  What about heat in the eye? It must disperse through pupil, iris, eyelids, canthus and sclera. While contact lenses are on, the heat on pupil and iris is trapped due to lenses. In the short term, nobody notices much difference whether contact lenses are on or not. But in the long run, it should affect someway. I believe eye vision might get worse faster with contact lenses than wearing glasses. I don't think any study was made to find this concern or discuss this matter. 

This is my personal experience. I went to eye doctor due to poor vision. I had a difficulty to read newspaper in 1997. When I use a dictionary, I had to use a magnifier. I saw ads about laser surgery, which claimed no wearing glasses etc. I thought it was cool idea not to wear glasses. After examined, I was told no laser surgery was available for me as my eye muscle weakened and as I was getting older. The only choice was to wear glasses. Am I getting older? Even though it was a fact, however I was furious. I determined eye exercise which I had known, but I didn't practice for myself and I admit I was lazy. Since then I practice eye exercise about 20 minutes everyday while I read my Bible. I will be soon 62 years old, but I am proud myself that I don't wear glasses and I can read a dictionary without a magnifier during daylight. You can go to Qigong exercise center and learn the basic how to do it. It really works. I develop my own way in addition to basic. It works better.

Poster has some heat in the body organs. I couldn't tell which organs problem without seeing you. All contact lenses wearers do have red eyes. Please go to an acupuncturist and discuss. My opinion is removing heat is better than any eye drops or medicines.

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