How does acupuncture cure cataracts?

The person that posted that it can cure cataracts won't answer.
Anyone know how this so called cure works?


I feel I am obligated to answer this question. I didn't have a patient to come to cure for just cataracts so far. However I had a patient who was 87(?) years old. Her left eye was covered 100% by white and cloudy and right eye was about 80%. Her eyes dripped lots of tears. She continued to wipe tears with tissue. Her main issue was unable to walk. She was aided to treatment table, as she couldn't walk. She was treated to strengthen tendon, not for her eye. I noticed her right eye's white was removed partially and remained by 60% after treatment while she was on the table. According to acupuncture theory, tendon and eyes are governed by liver. She walked out without my help after treatment. I experienced many times I didn't treat some specific issue, but also patients reported they become well not only main issue, but also other issues. She never came back after the treatment, so I can't say definitely that yes, acupuncture can cure cataracts. But it is possible according to my experience. I looked some text books for this question. The book says yes. One interesting thing is that one of the points for cataract in the text book is the same spot doctor use for injection for anesthesia.  

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