Korean 4 needle acupuncture for stiff fingers

There is no stiffness and no pain if oxygen and nutrition are enough in fingers

Many people believe finger stiffness is due to arthritis or because the nerve system is broken down. It might be right. However, the ultimate reason is due to poor blood circulation. When blood circulation can provide oxygen and nutrition into the fingers, all problems will be removed. No matter how much glucosamine is taken, it cannot reach to fingers due to poor circulation and absorption.

Most patients with finger stiffness also suffer with cold hands; some suffer with hot hands. These kinds of patients also have slow metabolisms. All these symptoms are due to yin and yang imbalance. Some have a difficulty opening their fingers. Some have a difficulty closing their fingers.. Symptoms affect the ring and little fingers most often.  The middle finger is affected next often. Thumb and second fingers problems are rare. Stiffness is usually more severe in the morning and gets better in the afternoon. This is not a national statistic. This data is only from this clinic.

Acupuncture helps a great deal for stiff fingers.

Method of treatment: Korean Acupuncture.

See http://www.acupunctureforpains.com/4needle.htm


A female patient had stiffness on the left middle finger. She cannot close the middle finger at all. When she tries to close her hands, the middle finger remains open. Imagine how embarrasing this is. She always put her left hand behind her bag while talking with someone. When she has to show her left hand, she apologizes for her stiff finger and says that 'this is not really what I mean'.

 As soon as the author inserted just 4 needles, I asked her to try to close the middle finger. It closed instantly. She was amazed at the effect. How could it be possible with 4 needles? Her symptoms disappeared with two additional treatments.

The author uses just 4-6 needles to treat this kind of symptoms most of time.

 Chan Hur, Licensed Acupuncturist

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