Acupuncture helps Urinary tract infection

Clinical Example of how acupuncture helped urinary tract infection

A female, 58 years old, went to an M.D. for blood in her urine. The MD ordered many tests and could not detect any bacteria in her urine causing a urinary tract infection. The MD told her that blood in urine might be because of her age. She told the MD that 'there are lots of woman with same age as I have, but no one complains about blood in urine that I know'. When our clinic examined her, she had frequent urination, insomnia, hot flashes, palpitations, waking up 3-4 times during sleep, tiredness, and was very stressed. She could not drink water while she was driving due to her frequent urination.

From our Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) point of view, this symptom is the heat from the heart and transmitted to small intestine. We gave one acupuncture treatment with just four needles for eliminating heat from the heart. After one week, she reported that there was no more blood in urine and she had less urge for urination, and she woke only one time during sleep. One thing special was that her urine on one side was clear, but the other side was turbid. We still could not answer why two separate urines came out. She was treated another two times. She reported she could encounter all stressful situations without difficulties after her acupuncture treatments.

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