Acupuncture helps Bell's palsy

Bells.jpgAcupuncture at my clinic helps Bell's palsy

There can be many causes for bells palsy. This is a real case in our clinic.

Patient is a female, 50 years old. She slept with the air conditioner on, on a hot humid summer night. When she woke up, she felt a stiff feeling in her face. She noticed she couldn't close her right eye and it felt dry. When she tried to open her mouth, she felt her mouth deviated to the left side. When she try to smile her mouth pulled further to left side.

This is the history of her treatments.

She went to an MD on the first day. The MD diagnosed her with bells palsy and advised her to put warm compresses on her right cheek with hot towel. She found there was no improvement at all and decided to try an acupuncture treatment. The first clinic gave acupuncture treatments and some herbs. She took herbs everyday, and got 6 acupuncture treatments in this clinic. There was no improvement, so she went to second another clinic six times. There was still no improvement.

Someone told her ai-ye, a Korean herb, helps a lot with bells palsy. She went to buy ai-ye at a dried herb store. The store owner advised her to go to another clinic as he had same kind of bells palsy and recovered. The patient went to third clinic now. This clinic gave her about 50 long needles on her face each time and she got eight treatments. This clinic used long needle exactly like sewing cloth on her face.

She was desperate when she came to our clinic. She and her husband were very confused because each clinic used different methods and explanations. Some used acupuncture needles, some used herbs, some used suction cups and some used many needles. We explained all of these methods could be used for this kind of symptom. She argued, "why then there were no improvements?". We explained that every treatment might make some difference in her symptoms. They were not convinced by our explanation and asked us what kind treatments we offered. We answered, "of course, acupuncture, using only 4-6 needles each time".

We gave four treatments in total in two weeks. Whenever we asked her, she answered there was no improvement. After the third treatment, we noticed her smile did not pull to right side as much as before. We showed her face to her with a mirror and she finally admitted there was a slight improvement. She did not show up for the next appointment. I thought she might have recovered or moved to another clinic. She came back to the clinic one week later and said she felt some swelling on the cheek, but her mouth no longer pulled to one side.

This is what we did. One treatment was for sedation of liver. The second treatment was sedation of gallbladder. The third one was tonification of spleen. The fourth one was tonification of stomach. The fifth one was tonification of spleen. The symptom was liver yang rising with damp accumulation. We added GB2 or SJ 17, or ST 5-ST7 depending on each different method.

Please read the Western theory on Bell's palsy on Wikipedia

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